Last updated: November 20, 2023

Hello kid,
if you are under 18 years old, you are not permitted to use our Services all-alone. Having reached this page means you are a responsible kid so ask your parent or guardian to sit next to you and explain to you what this is all about.

Long story short

For you to be a valuable member of Certifunny Community you should:

  • be authentic
    You should provide your real name, upload content that belongs to you, vote truthfully, etc.
  • promote safety
    You should not harm youself or try to harm others, either physically or mentally.
  • respect others
    You should treat others equally and respectfully no matter of their color, religion, or ethnicity background.

Community Standards

Our Community Standards apply to everyone, all around the world, and to all types of content. It is a series of rules that we want you to follow for making Certifunny a safe, harmless and funny place for everyone to enjoy.

For you to be a valuable member of Certifunny Community you should not show or promote violent behavior, harm yourself or others, or try to deceive others. More specifically:

You should not post:

  • Violent content
  • Threats
  • Statements of intent to commit violence
  • Statements advocating violence
  • Calls for action of violence

You should not be a dangerous individual (e.g. terrorist) or member of a dangerous organization that proclaims a violent mission or is engaged in violence, either online or offline.

You should not post content depicting, promoting, advocating for or encouraging:

  • Harm against people
  • Harm against animals, except in cases of:
    • Hunting or fishing
    • Religious sacrifice
    • Mercy killing
    • Bullfighting
    • Food preparation or processing
  • Harm against property (e.g. vandalism, hacking, theft)

You should not post attempts to buy, sell, donate, gift, or trade:

  • Firearms, firearm parts, ammunition, explosives, or any kind of lethal material.
  • Non-medical drugs
  • Marijuana
  • Endangered species
  • Live non-engangered animals
  • Human blood
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Weight loss products
  • Historical artifacts

You should not post:

  • Content that is not yours or you don't have the right to share
  • Content deceiving others to generate a financial or personal benefit to the detriment of a third party, either individual, organization or business
  • Content engaging with others to fraudulently generate a financial or personal benefit at a loss of a third party.
  • Content with stolen information or goods
  • Content that engages in, promotes or admits bribery

For you to be a valuable member of Certifunny Community not only you should not post content that endangers your safety, or endangers the safety of children or others, but you should also act in case you see something.

You should not post content that promotes, encourages, coordinates or provides instructions for:
  • Suicide
  • Self-injury
  • Eating disorders
  • Unhealthy and drastic weight-loss

Child sexual exploitation

You should not post:

  • content that threatens, depicts, praises, supports, provides instructions for, makes statement of intent, admits participation in the sexual expoilation of children (either real minors, toddlers, or babies or non-real depictions with human likeness such as in art, AI-generated content, cartoon, dolls, etc.). This includes but is not limited to:
    • Sexual intercourse
    • Children with sexual elements
    • Content that suppors pedophilia

Child nudity

You should not post:

  • Content that depicts real or artificial child nudity

Child abuse

You should not post:

  • Content that depicts real or non-real child abuse

Not only you should not post content that depicts, promotes, advocates for, or supports bullying or harassement but you should not use Certifunny for doing so.

This means, you should not:

  • Offer or generate a certificate intenting to hurt other people's feelings

You should not post:

  • Content that recruites people for, facilitates or exploits people through any means of human trafficking

You should not post or in any way reveal:

  • Personally identifiable information about yourself or others
  • Personal Contact Information
  • Financial information
  • Residential information or any information that could locate yourself or others
  • Medical information

For you to be considered a valuable member of Certifunny Community you should follow the following rules:

You should not post content that negatively targets a person or group of people on the basis of their protected characteristics with:

  • Violent speech
  • Dehumanizing speech
  • Generalizations that state any kind of inferiority
  • Expressions of disgust
  • Excpessions that create an atmosphere of exclusion and intimidation

You should not post:

  • Content that other people might find disturbing. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Dead bodies of people or animals
    • Visible internal organs
    • Dismemberment
    • Imagery of people subjected to violence and/or humiliation

You should not post:

  • Imagery of nude adults, either real or artificial, in case it depicts:
    • Visible genitalia
    • Visible anus and/or fully nude close-ups of buttocks
    • Visible female nipples except in the context of:
      • Brestfeeding
      • Birth-giving
      • An act of protest
      • An act of art
  • Imagery of sexual activity, either real or artificial, including:
    • Explicit sexual intercourse or oral sex
    • Explicit stimulation of genitalia or anus
    • Sex-toys inserting the genitalia or anus
    • Fetish content
  • Extended audio of sexual activity

For you to be a valuable member of Certifunny Community you should be real and authentic, not spreading false information about you or others. More specifically:

You should not:

  • Violate our Community Standards
  • Violate our Terms of Service
  • Create an account that deliberately misrepresents your identity in order to deceive others e.g. by
    • providing a false date of birth
    • providing a false age
    • providing a false gender
    • uploading a picture that depicts someone else
  • Vote untruthfully when prompted or intending to deceive or hurt others
  • Impersonate others by
    • Using their photos
    • Using their videos
    • Using their name as if it was yours
    • Assuming to be or speak for another person or entity

You should not:

  • Gain or attempt to gain access to accounts other than your own
  • Publicly share your own or other entities login credentials
  • Put our services at risk by creating and using malicious software

You should not:

  • Vote untruthfully or without serious consideration when prompted
  • Deliberately vote negatively so that other users do not get their certificate
  • Deliberately vote negatively so that other users get a certificate with a lower score or rating
  • Use Certifunny reporting system to harrass others (e.g. report a video or certificate with no reason)

For you to be a valuable member of Certifunny Community you should respect intellectual property rights. You should own all of the content and information you post on Certifunny and you should be sure you have the right to do so. You should respect other entities' (people, organizations, businesses) copyrights, trademarks and other legal rights.

The Extra Mile

Following the Community Standards is a no-brainer. But we dream of you as capable to offer more than that. Going the extra mile means that you express the best vesion of you and thus you become the reason other people or Certifunny become better.

Those that go the extra mile in Certifunny do some or all of the following:

They always pursue and express the finest version of themselves. Before inspiring others they inspire themselves, they tease themselves when they feel like it and they never give up!

When they find a certificate they wish they had, they do not hesitate to get it, even if they currently believe they don't deserve it. They print it, they put it on their wall and they stick to it. One day, they become what the certificate says. After all, we become what we think.

For example, let's say they are not athletic but they wish they had the "Certificate of an athlete". They get it and they try to become one!

People that go the extra mile don't take things too seriously. If there is a negative characteristic in their personality, they don't worry that much. They get the respective certificate for teasing themselves and decide to take action. Cause it is only when we recognize and admit what is wrong that we then can start correcting it.

For example, if they feel lonely, they get the "Certificate of feeling lonely like a camel in the desert"! They print it and put it on their wall. They look at it and laugh with themselves. They take action, they call their friends, they join a club and then one day comes that they no longer deserve it. And that's for good.

There are certificates in Certifunny that are assigned to you after a voting process. Those that go the extra mile don't worry if they don't get these certificates with their first attempt as they never give up. They try to evolve, improve themselves and give it a second shot. They don't stop until they get it!

For example, let's say they want to get the "Certificate of violin virtuoso" and upload a video playing the violin. And let's say they play so bad that all other users' votes are negative and as a result they don't get it. They don't worry! They study hard, they practise and they come back in the future uploading another video! One day they indeed become violin virtuosos and they get it!

Those that go the extra mile use Certifunny for spreading happiness, they try to motivate others, they vote truthfully and share content.

Certifunny offers a great amount of PEER certificates that someone can offer to someone else for making them happy. Those that go the extra mile know it and they don't miss the chance to do so. They use Certifunny as a tool for spreading happiness.

For example, they have a grandfather whom they love so much. They offer him the "Certificate of an awesome granpa", they print it and offer him as a gift. Can you imagine how happy this granpa is?

They know that motivation is the key to improve other people's lives. They love their friends and deeply care about them. So, they don't miss a chance to certify them in a way that this will make their friends take positive action.

For example, imagine they have a friend with low self-esteem. They assign them the "Certificate of enormous self-esteem" and give it to them in a lovely manner. Next time their friend expresses low self-esteem thoughts they remind them they are certified as "enourmous self-esteemed"! With such a certificate and such a friend, the low self-esteem person conquers the world!

Voting is in the core of Certifunny, especially for the Media certificates, as people get certificates based on other users' votes. Those that go the extra mile now how important such a certificate will be for the person trying to get it. They vote carefully and truthfully and they are always fair. If they don't know what to vote, they don't.

In Certifunny there are silly certificates only made for fun but there are also important certificates than can have a great impact. Those that go the extra mile know how to distinguish them so that they don't let people jeopardize the important ones (e.g. Certificate of protecting wild-life) and at the same time they offer others the pleasure to get the silly ones (e.g. Certificate of eating a banana).

They don't use Certifunny only for themselves and they don't become selfish while using it. Anytime they browse our certificates they think of others and inform them about a certificate that could possibly suit them. Apart from that, they don't become jealous when someone else gets the same certificate, even with a greater score.

Those that go the extra mile are aligned with Certifunny values and stand next to it. They try to spot its imperfections, they propose content, they actively participate in our Social Media and they report when needed.

They know that for getting a Media certificate with the higest score, they should upload something awesome! So, they produce high quality content that is interesting for others to watch, it is always aligned with the rules and of course it is as funny as possible! After all, they know that it is not only the certificate that counts but also the process of trying to get it!

They understand that they are the cornerstone of Certifunny so they frequently propose new ideas. They play a huge role in the evolution of the website by proposing new certificates that would be interesting, funny and beneficial for the Community.

Those that go the extra mile are fully aware of our Terms and Conditions and our Community Standards. They report inappropriate content that violates them or becomes frustrating for the Community.

As far as the Challenges (Media certificates), they are aware of the Rules of each Challenge and thus they vote fairly or report accordingly if they spot a violation of the Rules.

They actively engage with us and other members of the Community in our social media.

They are the first who get informed about Certifunny in Twitter, they contribute to the discussion in our Facebook and our Reddit and they keep an eye on our TikTok.

The weirdos listen to our music on Spotify or talk to the Introvert cartoon on our Instagram and the professionals watch us trying hard to establish a serious business profile in LinkedIn!

Thank you not only for reading and embracing our Community Standards but also trying to go the extra mile.

We do believe in you. We do believe that you are the reason our community shines and thrives and soon will become one of the most joyfull communities worldwide!